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Suitable for silentblocs with a 68mm Ø; e.g. those on beam springs for ROR, SAF und Trailor with trailers and semi-trailers, etc. equipped with air suspension systems.

The set of sleeves KL-1001-101 for HGV silentblocs is designed for the quick, professional and safe removal and installation of solid silentblocs, for example of those on stabilizers, thrust rods, leaf spring eyes, spring supports or other axle suspension components. For this, the hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500, retaining adaptor KL-0039-1003, pull spindle KL-0039-1920-1 and clamping nut KL-0040-3009 are required in addition.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1001-101 Set of Sleeves, Ø 68mm

Part No.DescriptionQty
KL-1001-1001Support Sleeve (long)1
KL-1001-1002Support Sleeve (short)1
KL-1001-1003Pressure Piece1
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