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Return to the Search results    KL-1010-210 A - Pressure Piece/Sleeve Set, Ø 68mm     

Suitable for split-type and solid-type silentblocs with Ø of 68mm (split-type silentbloc removed Ø 70mm), e.g. Mercedes Actros and Atego rear axle anti-roll bar.

Used in conjunction with the KL-1010-102 drive tool kit, the pressure piece/sleeve set KL-1010-210 A allows for the fast, professional and safe removal and replacement of split-type silentblocs on anti-roll bars.
The removal and installation of the silentbloc can be carried out either at the workbench or in situ on the vehicle if space conditions allow.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1010-210 A Pressure Piece/Sleeve Set, Ø 68mm

Part No.Description
KL-1010-2101Conical Sleeve, Ø 68mm
KL-1010-2102Spring Pressure Piece, Ø 68mm
KL-1010-2103Centring Ring, Ø 68mm
KL-1010-2104Centring Ring, Ø 68mm
KL-1010-2105Pressure Piece (removal), Ø 68mm
KL-1010-2106Pressure Piece (removal), Ø 68mm
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