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Return to the Search results    KL-1010-51 - Pressing Device with 28t Hydr. Cylinder, for HGV Silentbloc Ø 85mm     

Suitable for split-type silentblocs with Ø of 85mm (88mm when removed) as found on Mercedes Actros and Atego rear axle anti-roll bar.

In conjunction with a hydraulic pump, the KL-1010-51 pressing device for HGV silentbloc enables the quick, professional and safe removal and replacement of the split-type silentblocs found on longitudinal struts of the front axle and trailing axle.
The removal and installation of the silentbloc can be carried out either at the workbench or in situ on the vehicle if space conditions allow.
• Substantial time savings.
• Repair can be carried out in situ on the vehicle.
• The tool is easy to operate.
• The 28t hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2800 can also be used on other GEDORE Automotive tools to exert thrust or compression force.

Note: The pressing device KL-1010-51 can also be used with the 17t hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-2500 in conjunction with adaptors KL-0039-1002 and KL-0174-562 as well as with pressure spindle KL-0039-1931.

Scope of Delivery: KL-1010-51 Pressing Device with 28t Hydraulic Cylinder, for HGV Silentbloc Ø 85mm

Part No.Description
KL-1010-500Drive Tool Kit with Press Frame and Hydraulic Cylinder 28t, Ø 70mm
KL-1010-510Pressure Piece/Sleeve Set, Ø 85mm
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