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Return to the Search results    KL-0680-220 B - Set of Locking Pins, Citroën/Mazda/Peugeot/Suzuki/Toyota/Volvo     

Applicable to Citroën 1.4, 1.4 Hdi, 1.6 Hdi, 2.0; Fiat 1.6 JTD; Ford 1.4 TDCi, 1.6 TDCi; Mazda 1.4 TDCi, 1.6 D, 1.6 MZ-CD; Peugeot 1.4 Hdi, 1.6 Hdi; Suzuki 1.4 DDiS; Toyota 1.0 VVT, 1.4 Di, 1.4 HDI; Volvo 1.6 D Diesel engines. (Engine codes: 8HP, 8HR, 8HS, 8HT, 8HV, 8HW, 8HX, 8HY, 8HZ, 9HF, 9HH, 9HJ, 9HL, 9HM, 9HN, 9HP, 9HR, 9HS, 9HT, 9HU, 9HV, 9HW, 9HX, 9HY, 9HZ, D4162T, D4164T, DV4C, DV4TD, DV4TED, DV4TED4, DV6, DV6C, DV6ATED4, DV6AUTED4, DV6BTED4, DV6BUTED4, DV6D, DV6DTED, DV6DU, DV6ETED, DV6TED4, DV6TED4B, DV6TED4BU, DV6UC, DV6UTED4, F6J4, F6JA, F6JB, F6JC, F6JD, G8DA, G8DB, G8DD, GPDA, HHDA, HHDB, HHJA, HHJB, HHJC, HHJD, HHJE, HHJF, MZ-CD 1.6 (Y6), T1BA/B/C, TZJA, Y6)

These pins are used for the locking/positioning of engine shafts such as camshaft, injection pump shaft and crankshaft when replacing a timing belt or during an engine repair.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0680-220 B Set of Locking Pins, Citroën/Mazda/Peugeot/Suzuki/Toyota/Volvo

Part No.Description
KL-0680-2201 ALocking Pin, Ø 11mm
KL-0680-2202 ALocking Pin, Ø 4.5mm
KL-0680-2203 BLocking Pin, Ø 8mm
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