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Universally applicable device for supporting engines on vehicles.

Working on the timing belt side engine mount, for example when changing a timing belt, replacing a water pump etc., is day-to-day work in the garage.
Almost every mechanic knows firsthand the problems that can occur when it comes to loosening the side engine mount of transverse-mounted engines. Here, the use of a supporting device, engine crane or engine stand is indispensable. Such devices, however, can make work even more difficult since the engine is no longer properly secured and access will be very limited or sometimes even impossible.

The innovative KL-0146-20 engine support device from GEDORE Automotive now offers the perfect solution to all these problems.
The special design of the device with its clamping hook assembly featuring large and individually adjustable clamping hooks with wide supporting surfaces, the unique fastening mechanism enabling the engine support to be fixed to the vehicle frame, and the cleverly designed support plate assembly with its adjustable tilting support pad (100mm) ensure safe and solid support of the engine.
This allows the mechanic to conveniently work on the engine from the top as well as from the bottom, with the engine always safely supported and secured against the risk of dropping - even when performing tasks such as turning engine shafts, loosening and tightening fastening screws etc.
The clamping hooks are 360° rotatable and can be arranged universally to fit virtually any vehicle width. Once the device clamping hooks have been correctly positioned on the vehicle frame, these can easily be tightened to securely fix the support assembly to the vehicle.
This prevents the engine support device from any slippage or dropping.

The ingenious KL-0146-20 engine support device from GEDORE Automotive offers you a maximum of safety and functionality combined with a wide range of application possibilities - without the need for additional accessories such as vehicle-specific adaptors etc.

Technical Data:

Max. load capacity:100-300kg
Overall length:1,100mm
Clamping hook width:50mm
Clamping range:approx. 70mm
Height offset between clamping hooks:approx. 90mm
Support plate height adjustment:120mm

Scope of Delivery: KL-0146-20 Engine Support Device

Part No.Description
KL-0146-201Base Frame
KL-0146-202 AClamping Hook Asssembly
KL-0146-203Support Plate Assembly
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