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Universally suitable for Diesel engines having an injector nozzle seal seat Ø of 15mm; as fitted to: Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Iveco, Mazda, Mercedes, Opel/Vauxhall, PSA, Renault, Toyota and Volvo.

The KL-0186-70 K fuel injector sleeve removal tool is designed to be used in conjunction with an injector nozzle puller set of the KL-0186-.., KL-0369-.., KL-0583-.., KL-1283-.., KL-1383-..or KL-1683-.. Series and the KL-0040-170 A hydraulic cylinder (with safety belt), thus allowing for the precise removal of the injector sleeve if injectors are broken off. No need for removing the cylinder head. This is an essential tool if a seized injector nozzle breaks during removal and the injector sleeve remains stuck in the cylinder head. The use of the special pull spindle KL-0186-7051 H (included in the kit), allows the user to extract the complete injector sleeve quickly and with ease.

Procedure: Disassemble the remains of the broken-off injector, cut a thread into injector sleeve, screw in pull spindle, pull out injector sleeve with the aid of the corresponding injector nozzle puller set.

Technical Data:

Maximum load capacity of the pull spindle:5t
Nozzle needle removal tool (max. torque):15Nm
Nozzle needle removal tool (length):150mm
Screw tap:7/16-20 UNF
Screw tap length:240mm
Pull spindle (connection thread for extraction bridge):M16x1.5
Pull spindle (connection thread for injector nozzle):7/16-20 UNF
Pull spindle length:480mm

Scope of Delivery: KL-0186-70 K Fuel Injector Sleeve Removal Tool

Part No.Description
KL-0186-701Nozzle Needle Removal Tool
KL-0186-702Nozzle Needle Removal Tool
KL-0186-703Nozzle Needle Removal Tool
KL-0186-704 Screw Tap, 7/16-20UNC, with Holder
KL-0186-7051 HPull Spindle, 7/16-20UNF
KL-0186-7043Rubber-Coated Annular Magnet
KL-0126-221Flexible Magnetic Lifter
KL-0186-7090 Plastic Storage Case
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