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Return to the Search results    KL-0040-170 A - Hydraulic Cylinder,17t (short design), with M16x1.5 Shoulder Nut and Safety Belt     

Designed for the controlled extraction of very tight-fitting/seized injector nozzles. The tool is used in conjunction with a special pull spindle, a GEDORE Automotive injector nozzle puller with extraction bridge, and a GEDORE Automotive hydraulic pump with pressure gauge.
The KL-0040-1700 hydraulic cylinder along with the special pull spindle (part no. ending with H) is placed onto the extraction bridge instead of the mechanical drive. The special pressure gauge (KL-0040-2529 or KL-0040-2528) of the hydraulic pump (KL-0215-35 M25 or KL-0215-37 M25) allows the applied force to be monitored during the extraction process.
By fastening the KL-0040-1790 safety belt (supplied with the kit) to the vehicle and to the hydraulic cylinder KL-0040-1700, the latter is prevented from falling.

Note: The injector nozzle pullers KL-0369-46 K and KL-1383-10 K additionally require the use of spacer ring KL-0040-1751.

Technical Data:

Maximum admissible force:170kN (17t)
Maximum stroke:15mm
Maximum oil volume:41cm³
Maximum oil pressure:700bar
Piston area:27cm³
Cylinder outer diameter:79mm
Cylinder overall height, (piston retracted):89mm
Cylinder overall height, (piston extended):104mm
Through-hole in tubular pistonØ 16.5mm
Hydraulic fluid connection:3/8“-18 NPT

Scope of Delivery: KL-0040-170 A Hydraulic Cylinder,17t (short design), with M16x1.5 Shoulder Nut and Safety Belt

Part No.Description
KL-0040-1700Hydraulic Cylinder, 17t (short design)
KL-0040-1741-2Shoulder Nut, M16x1.5
KL-0040-1790Safety Belt
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