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Return to the Search results    KL-0186-132 - Upgrade Kit for Universal Iinjector Nozzle Puller Set KL-0186-14 K, in conjunction with KL-0186-130     

Applicable to the Fiat Ducato 3.0 JTD (Euro 5), Citroën Relay/Jumper III and Peugeot Boxer III 3.0 HDI (Euro 5) Common Rail Diesel engines. (Engine codes: F1CE3481E, F1CE3481M, F1CE3481N, F30DTE [F1CE 3481D, F1CE 3481DM, F1CE 3481E, F1CE 3481N])

The KL-0186-132 upgrade kit is used in conjunction with the universal injector nozzle puller set KL-0186-14 K and upgrade kit KL-0186-130 to allow the removal of very tight-fitting/seized injector nozzles to be performed in situ on the vehicle without the need for dismounting the cylinder head.
The injector can be extracted in one piece quickly and easily using the special puller claw and the KL-0583-1032 pull spindle (supplied with KL-0186-130). The injector needs be opened for this purpose.

Procedure: Unscrew injector top part, dismantle nozzle, screw in pull spindle, mount special puller claw, unscrew valve cover screws (4 screws) and replace with special support bolts, mount extraction bridge and screw on shoulder nut. Extract nozzle by turning the shoulder nut.

Note: Before re-installing an opened injector nozzle, you should read and observe the injector nozzle manufacturer's directions and specifications. If necessary, have the injector nozzle tested and checked by an authorized workshop.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0186-132 Upgrade Kit for Universal Iinjector Nozzle Puller Set KL-0186-14 K, in conjunction with KL-0186-130

Part No.Description
KL-0186-1232 LSet of Support Bolts M8, 180mm
KL-0186-1321 Special Injector Puller Claw
KL-0186-1322 Knurled Nut
KL-0186-1323 Hex Nut
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