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Universally suitable for vehicles with MacPherson Struts and Semi-Struts; THE ideal tool for 4x4 vehicles, Transporters and Vans such as Citroën Jumper; Fiat Ducato; Mercedes Vito, V-Class, M-Class, W210 4Matic; Peugeot Boxer, Break; Renault Master etc.

(If necessary, additional jaws can be used.)
The use of special jaws will also enable coil springs mounted to wishbone suspensions to be removed and installed if space conditions allow.

Comes with pairs of jaws with protective inserts in size 1 and 2 designed for spring diameters of from 100-175mm.
Additional jaws for spring Ø of from 70-210mm are available as accessories.
Max. Load Capacity 27,500N *
*at the specified 4-times Safety Factor, the maximum load capacity of the spring compressor is 27,500N!

THE unique universal telescopic spring compressor
• which, due to a special latching system, allows the jaw openings (distance between jaws) to be adjusted from a minimum distance of 40mm to a maximum of 361mm. This is an important feature when it comes to compressing very short springs (2-3 coils) but also very long springs so as to allow all these to be fully de-compressed and/or replaced. (e.g. Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Lancia, Mazda, Mercedes, Renault etc.)
• which features a patented Bayonet Interlock System with an automatic self-locking mechanism designed to safely fix the forged jaws to the compressor body (no tools, bolts or locking rings required).
• whose spindle drive remains closed if the safety pin shears off. Thanks to the auxiliary drive, the compressed spring can then be decompressed to enable a new safety pin to be installed.
• which is equipped with an automatic freewheel designed to prevent the spindle from overload during the decompression process once the maximum end of travel has been reached - thus eliminating the risk of damage to the spring-compressor.
• which enables the plastic protective inserts protecting the coating of the spring, to be screw-connected to the jaws. This is very important to prevent spring failure/breakage caused by notches and corrosion.
• which is suitable for virtually any MacPherson suspension / damper strut systems, as well as for many other wishbone suspensions - thanks to a wide range of jaws available.

Thanks to the interaction of special high-precision components and the use of wear-resistant nitrided steel, the compressor body not only is smooth-running but also highly resistant to wear and tear.
To compress a spring having a coil-bound force of approx. 18,000N (for example of a Mercedes M-Class) a torque of only 35Nm is required!

Examples of maximum spring coil-bound forces:
• VW Polo approx. 6,000N
• VW Golf approx. 7,000N
• VW Passat approx. 8,000N
• Audi A4 approx. 9,000N
• Mercedes Vito approx. 14,200N
• Peugeot Boxer approx. 15,000N
• Fiat Ducato approx. 15,000N
• MB M Class approx. 18,000N
• BMW X5 approx. 18,000N

The foam insert of the KL-4999-131..-Series included in the kit allows for the safe and clearly arranged storage of the tool components.

Advantages: • Jaw-mounting device with automatic self-locking mechanism. • Adjustable jaw-opening device. • Drive features an additional auxiliary drive. • Automatic freewheel of the spindle. • Also suitable for conical springs. • Comes with plastic protective inserts.

Technical Data:

Cylinder KL-9002-100
L min.Overall length min.475mm
L max.Overall length max.715mm
AWorking Travel (piston stroke)305mm
SPFSpindle Freewheel at735mm
S min. IJaw opening min. (I) (distance between jaws)40mm
S min. IIJaw opening min. (II) (distance between jaws)72mm
S max. IJaw opening max. (I) (distance between jaws)328mm
S max. IIJaw opening max. (II) (distance between jaws)361mm
 Load capacity max. (at 4-times safety factor)27,500N
 Breaking point110,000N
 Spindle drive24mm waf
 Weight of compressor base body 6.9kg
 Weight of compressor base body with jaws size 1 and 213.4kg

Note: Additional jaws for springs with a Ø of from 70 to 210mm are available as accessories.

Scope of Delivery: KL-9002 SP Telescopic Safety Spring Compressor

Part No.Description
KL-9002-100Compressor Base Body
KL-9001-11 SPPair of Jaws in size 1, with Protective Inserts
KL-9001-12 SPPair of Jaws in size 2, with Protective Inserts