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Suitable for the BMW M47 Common Rail Diesel engines.

In a single operation, the specially shaped cleaning tool produces a clean finish on the injector mounting hole, the nozzle seal seat and the small aperture leading to the combustion chamber.
This is important before installing/re-installing an injector nozzle in order to avoid leakage between cylinder head and injector nozzle.
The KL-0186-501 extension is specifically designed for very deep-seated injector nozzles.
Note: When using the KL-0186-501 extension, the T-handle of the extension and the T-handle of cleaning tool KL-0186-104 need to be interchanged.

Technical Data:

Length of cleaning tool:290mm
Length of cleaning tool with extension:370mm
Cleaning tool Ø:7.5/17mm

Scope of Delivery: KL-0583-1031 A Cleaning Tool for Injector Nozzle Seat, BMW

Part No.Description
KL-1383-104Cleaning Tool for Injector Nozzle Seat
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