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Return to the Search results    KL-0186-31 K - Injector Nozzle Puller Set, without Drive      (Patented)

Universally suitable for injector nozzles having an M16x1, M17x1, M18, M20x1, M25x1, M27x1 internal thread Ø, as well as with external thread Ø M14x1.5.

The injector nozzle puller set is designed for the extraction of injector nozzles that are only slightly stuck/seized in place. It is used in conjunction with slide hammer puller KL-0369-411 or KL-0369-412.
The tool set includes various special sockets and pull spindles, to allow virtually any common injector nozzle to be dismantled and removed.

Unscrew injector nozzle top part and threaded ring. Depending on the injector nozzle design, screw pull spindle either into or onto the injector. Then, screw slide hammer puller KL-0369-411 or KL-0369-412 (accessory) onto pull spindle. Remove injector nozzle by operating the slide hammer.

Technical Data:

Pull spindles for external thread:M14x1.5
Pull spindles for internal thread:M16x1, M17x1, M18, M20x1, M25x1, M27x1
Union nuts:M27x1, M25x0.5, M25x0.75

Scope of Delivery: KL-0186-31 K Injector Nozzle Puller Set, without Drive

Part No.Description
KL-0186-1611 APull Spindle, M20x1; with 2 Union Nuts, M25
KL-0186-1612Pull Spindle, M16x1, 145mm
KL-1383-1113Pull Spindle, M14x1.5, 132mm
KL-0369-4606 APull Spindle, M17x1; with Union Nut M27x1
KL-1383-1021Pull Spindle, M25x1,132mm
KL-1383-1221Pull Spindle, M27x1, 127mm
KL-0186-1711Pull Spindle, M18, 145mm
KL-4417-17Crowfoot Wrench, Size (waf) 17mm
KL-1383-1022Special Socket, Size (waf) 25mm
KL-1383-1222 ASpecial Socket, Size (waf) 27mm
KL-0369-461 ASpecial Socket, Size (waf) 29mm
KL-1283-103Special Socket, Size (waf) 30mm
KL-0369-4505 ASpecial Bit Insert, Size (waf) 10mm
KL-0186-2201Special Insert
KL-0369-420Injector Nozzle Puller
KL-0369-4111Injector Nozzle Puller Adaptor, M18 to M16x1.5
KL-0186-3190Plastic Storage Case
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