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Return to the Search results    KL-0186-142 E - Hydraulic Cylinder (17t) Kit (Short Design), with Pull Spindles, in a Foam Insert     

Universally suitable for Diesel engines with injector nozzle connection thread M14x1.5 (external thread) or M16x1, M17x1, M18, M20x1, M25x1, M27x1 (internal thread).

The KL-0186-142 E 17t hydraulic cylinder kit with pull spindles enables the controlled hydraulic extraction of very tight-fitting or seized injector nozzles. It is used in conjunction with the universal KL-0186-14 K injector nozzle puller set and a hydraulic pump with GEDORE Automotive pressure gauge.
The hydraulic cylinder (17t) along with the respective special pull spindle (part no. ending with H) is placed onto the extraction bridge instead of a mechanical drive. The special pressure gauge KL-0040-2529 or KL-0040-2528 of the hydraulic pump KL-0215-35 M25 or KL-0215-37 M25 allows the applied force to be monitored during the extraction process.
The KL-0040-1700 hydraulic cylinder can be secured against falling by fastening it to the vehicle with the KL-0040-1790 safety belt that comes with the kit.

The special KL-0186-1429-2 foam insert is designed to keep the tools of the KL-0186-142 E hydraulic cylinder kit always properly organised and well protected. The module can conveniently be stored in a workshop trolley such as the KL-4999-121 but also fits snugly in the robust stackable plastic storage case KL-0186-1419-1. This ingenious tool storage system from GEDORE Automotive allows you to find the tool you need quickly and easily, and to identify missing tools at a glance. As a result, repairs can be carried out more efficiently - saving you time and money.
The foam insert is provided with specifically tool-shaped spaces to ensure that tools are safely stored and can be taken out and put back in place with ease.

Scope of Delivery: KL-0186-142 E Hydraulic Cylinder (17t) Kit, Short Design, with Pull Spindles, in a Foam Insert

Part No.Description
KL-0040-170 AHydraulic Cylinder 17t (short design), with Shoulder Nut M16x1.5 and Safety Belt
KL-0186-1611-1 HPull Spindle M20x1; 250mm
KL-0186-1612 HPull Spindle M16x1
KL-0583-1005-1 HPull Spindle M17x1; 315mm
KL-0583-1032 HPull Spindle M14x1.5; 315mm
KL-0186-1711 HPull Spindle M18; 250mm
KL-1383-1021 HPull Spindle M25x1; 240mm
KL-1383-1221 HPull Spindle M27x1
KL-0040-1751Spacer Ring, 20mm
KL-0186-1429-2Foam Insert
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