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Item Number DescriptionNotesBy Model/Brand
KL-1600-10 Puller for Clutch Release Shaft, Fiat Ducato Suitable for Fiat Ducato vehicles (1994 onwards) equipped with a pull-type clutch.
KL-1600-11 Removal Mandrel for Clutch Release Bearing For use on Fiat Ducato vehicles (from 1994 onwards) equipped with a pull-type clutch.
KL-0500-45 KA Clutch Tool Set (SAC), in a Plastic Storage Case(Patented)Suitable for Self-Adjusting Clutches (with 6 and 8 bolt holes); e.g. on VW-Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Opel/Vauxhall, Renault etc.
KL-0500-4014 Upgrade Kit (4-hole pitch) for KL-0500-40 K and KL-0500-45 K  
KL-0500-401 Clutch-Pretensioning Tool  
KL-0500-405 Clutch Aligner(Patented)Suitable for Self-Adjusting Clutches (SAC). Essential tool for vehicles without a pilot bearing in the crankshaft.
KL-0500-403 Reset Tool  
KL-0500-404 Set of Clutch-Centring Pins Suitable for BMW vehicles.
KL-1030-10 Clutch Mounting Device Universally applicable to virtually all common HGV clutch pressure plates.
KL-1030-102 Adaptor for Flywheel Suitable for all common types of HGV flywheels having a pitch circle Ø of 375, 410 or 450mm. The ideal tool for Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 (OM 470, 471, 472 and 473).
KL-1030-103 Adaptor for Die-Cast Cover Suitable for Mercedes-Benz HGV clutch pressure plates (A 007 250 14 04, A 007 250 52 04); as fitted to Mercedes-Benz Actros (MP1, MP2, MP3), Atego (from 1998 to 2004) and Axor 2.
KL-1030-104 Upgrade Kit for EvoBus Suitable for Mercedes-Benz EvoBus clutch pressure plates.
KL-1030-106 C-Frame Suitable for use on HGVs with limited space at the gearbox area.
KL-0069-7 Clutch Aligner, Vans/Small Lorries (LGV) Suitable for vans and small lorries (LGV) with a hub Ø of from 24-36mm.
KL-0069-7 R Clutch Aligner, Renault Intended for use on vans and small lorries (LGV) with a hub Ø of from 23-35mm. An ideal tool for Renault.
KL-0069-6 Clutch Aligner, HGV(Universal)Suitable for HGV equipped with a single- or double-disc clutch.
KL-0069-6 K Clutch Aligner, HGV (in a Storage Case) Suitable for HGV equipped with a single- or double-disc clutch.
KL-0069-67 K Clutch Aligner Kit(Universal)Intended for use on Vans and HGVs equipped with either a single-disc clutch or a double-disc clutch.